Bright Luminous Object Observed

Bright Luminous Object Observed

August 15, 1969

Location: Phouc Vinh, Vietnam

I was on perimeter guard duty with 3 others who were off watch and asleep.

I remember this vividly and can't ever forget it.

While looking to the North West, right above the treeline, I noticed a bright luminous object.

It was silverist/blue/white. I noticed it move toward the South a little then stop on a dime, leaving a trailing tracing effect, a blur of light, from start to stop. Repeating this numerous times.

When it was almost due South it shot upward at about 45 ° back toward the North.

I can't describe the shape, size or distance accurately. It was distant several miles, best guest.

It deffinately wasn't any of our aircraft.

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