Saw This Starlike Object

Saw This Starlike Object

Date: August 1, 1961

Location: Subic Bay, Philippines

Looking East about 10° to 15° above the horizon, I saw this starlike object at a very high speed.

There was only one light which is the bottom of the craft.

The object was round as I can can see it from below.

It was at night so I cannot tell what the upper portion of the object look like.

The object was coming at a very high speed and stopped over us.

I was amazed by this object, traveling at high speed and made a stop and hover with no overrun.

As it hover us, the object turn on its bright light and I could see clearly for about a mile.

It was like daylight with no heat.

I would also like to add that I did not hear any sound from this object and that's what scared me.

I thought to myself that this object is not from Earth.

Also, I have kept this a secret for 35 years, because I don't know what it was until last summer I saw on the television a special on UFO sightings.

It was an astronaut orbiting around the Earth who saw it first coming towards Earth, and I was the second one to see it here on Earth.

I don't Know if there are more people saw this on Earth.

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