Military Aircraft Observes Lights

Military Aircraft Observes Lights

Date: January 28, 1953

Location: Between Stuttgart and Rhein Main Air Base, Germany

A C-47 aircraft, No. 3734, piloted by 1st Lt. Marlowe B. Sorge, was returning to Rhein Main AFB, Germany, from the vicinity of Stuttgart, Germany, when Sorge noticed a light ahead and slightly to the right of his aircraft.

The light was bright white with green around the edge, appeared to be travelling the same heading of 300° as the aircraft and at approximately the same speed. It appeared to be at a distance of about 3 to 5 miles and at the same altitude as the C-47.

The light drifted to the right a distance estimated to be ½ mile and then returned to its original position. It also dived approximately 1000' at about a 75° angle and then climbed perpendicularly to its original position.

This maneuver took approximately 4 to 5 seconds. Overall the light was visible for approximately 10 minutes. At approximately 8:30 p.m. local time, another light appeared ahead and slightly to the left of the aircraft.

The light appeared to vary in distance from 3 to 5 miles as evidenced by the fact the light would grow brighter and then dimmer and the relative positions would change from 11 o,clock to 10 o,clock and then back to its original position.

Both the first light and the second were visible at the same time, but shortly after the second light appeared, the first one disappeared.

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