Cigar Shaped Craft Observed

Cigar Shaped Craft Observed

Date: August 1, 1967

Location: Sturgeon Bay, WI

This has happened so long ago but the event is very clear yet.

It was an evening, on the way home from watching a movie, I approached a steep hill on my bike 2 blocks from my home, I decided to walk. Surrounded by large Pine Trees on both sides.

I heard a whiring noise similar to that of a semi in the distance traveling on a freeway.

I knew the noise was above me and when I looked up there was nothing, scanning to the right of me I seen a large cigar shaped object floating/hovering, moving slowly, finally clearing itself from the trees, and just above the trees. About 70' to 100' high.

The object moved at a slow pace directly above and slightly to the front of me. From right to left I watched as I was froze in one spot on the road. I remember how scared I was.

The Object glowed kind of a goldish brown, it was like looking into a black light, with fuzzy edges. I would guess it was 200' to 300' long and 60' wide.

It slowly went out of my sight due to trees, and the noise stopped.

I raced home to tell my parants. I was 15 years old. I had tears in my eyes as I told them. I remember hearing of alot of sightings in Wisconsin back then.

I never went public with this information at the time fearing ridicule and such.

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