Fallstreak Hole

Fallstreak Hole

Date: November 9, 2015

Location: Victoria, Australia

Bizarre skull shaped anomoly appears in the sky and leaves hundreds mystified. Online doom mongers had a field day after this image of a multi colored hole opening in the skies went viral.

Theories for what the phenomena meant included a wormhole opening a portal to another dimension, sinister weather experiments being carried out by world leaders, the start of an alien invasion, or a symbol from above before the end of the world.

One thing was right, the fact it was a hole. Not a Wormhole...and that's where reality kicks in.

The beautiful scene, known as a Fallstreak Hole, is actually the result of ice crystals forming so quickly from cooled water that the crystals and surrounding water droplets evaporate and leave a hole in the cloud.

After being posted to Reddit, the image of the cloud, Taken in eastern Victoria, Australia has had more than 2 million views.

Viewers of the stunning image were quick to speculate on what it was with one posting: I think the end of the world is currently happening.

Another asked: How can we be sure this isn't a portal to another universe?

And a third suggested: So that's a cloaked alien warship, right?

Other equally not so off the wall theories were that it was the government carrying out secret weather tests.

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