Stralsund Sighting

Stralsund Sighting

Date: April 8, 1665

Location: Stralsund, Germany

Aerial ships and a saucer shaped object with dome were reported flying over the church of this town located near the Baltic Sea, and hovered there till evening. Witnesses were left trembling, with pain in their head and limbs.

Several fishermen first reported seeing a big swarm of starling birds flying in the sky about 2:00 p.m., coming from the north over the sea. They changed to battle ships fighting one another. A lot of smoke developed. New ships kept appearing, small and big ones, and the battle lasted for a few hours. Once the initial vision had vanished, the scenario changed. Writer Erasmus Francisci, whose real name was Erasmus Finx, describes the scene:

After a while out of the sky came a flat round form, like a plate, looking like a big manís hatÖIts color was that of the rising moon, and it hovered right over the church of St. Nicolai. There it remained stationary till evening. The fishermen, worried to death, didnít want to look further at the spectacle and buried their faces in their hands. On the following days they fell sick with trembling all over and pain in head and limbs. Many scholarly people thought a lot about that.

The Berliner Ordinari und Postzeitungen also wrote about the vision:

One of these fishermen had been sick on his feet. All of the citizens who have observed this are reliable.

Yesterday, Herr Colonel von der Wegck and Docter Gessman interrogated 2 of the 6 fishermen. May God change this miracle for the best. German researcher Von Ludwiger adds:

What the fishermen saw was a plate with a dome, manís hat, orange in color, like the rising moon, which hovered motionless for a long time and acted on the witnesses as if they became sick from strong radiation.

Erasmus Francisci hesitated to believe this account, because he could not find a suitable explanation:

I read it at that time in the usual printed newspaper. But, to tell the truth, I didnít believe in that story, and I thought the fishermen had fished it out of the air or from a deceived imagination.

Francisci reported this account because between 1665 and 1680 several battles took place between the Swedes and the Prussians, and the spectacle could be given the meaning of a sign for an imminent war. Francisci states:

After the sea was colored with so much blood after that time, the affair now seems to me believable. What the disk like thing means to the good city shouldnít be hard to guess, if one remembers how the tower of St. Nicolai Church was destroyed in 1670 during wartime.

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