Silver Saucer Motionless Over Grayslake

Silver Saucer Motionless Over Grayslake

Date: October 20, 1958

Location: St. Paul, MN

A dull orange craft sped southbound at low altitude and high speed toward the general direction of the airport.

I had been out collecting for my paper route.

In those days, paper boys collected the bill from customers monthly, in person.

I usually quit collecting for the evening around 9:00 p.m.

Rather than going straight into the house when I got home, I decided to get on my bike and amble somewhere.

I started traveling down the alley at a slow pace, going nowhere in particular, and I saw the glow from the lights of the college football field, and decided to head over there and check the score of the game.

I gazed upward and noticed that the night was filled with stars, it was absolutely clear and pristine.

I looked forward again, down the pitch black alley, and I saw a strange, dull orange craft streak across the sky, over the football field, heading southbound, parallel to Snelling Avenue.

It appeared like 2 bat wings cut out of an orange paper plate, with 3 sides in total, front, back of left wing, back of right wing, and all sides smooth and rounded, except the tips which had normal points.

Its altitude was perhaps 300', viewing time was perhaps 2 seconds.

I could easily tell that it wasn't from around here.

I slammed on the brakes of my bike, and just stood there in the dark stillness of the night, realizing that I had just seen my second UFO, and that I couldn't prove it to a single soul.

There had been no other witnesses that I know of.

The stars kept shining, and the crowd watching the game would occasionally cheer, and the traffic kept moving up and down Snelling as the people went about their business, scurrying to and fro.

Years later, around 1978 or so, I was watching a documentary movie on TV called Flying Saucers Are Real, or something like that, when I saw an account of a UFO encounter by an Army helicopter.

This happened in Ohio, when a Lieutenant colonel Coyne and his crew were effortlessly pulled up several thousand feet by a large ship.

It was an enormous, gray, metallic hulk of hi tech engineering, and it had a dark red design on the nose which I recognized.

The design was a kind of 4 pronged splat, or jellyfish, or thick cross hairs, which if viewed from the side, appeared to be a kind of bat wing, or unusual flying wing, not like the Northrup flying wings.

I realized that what I'd seen back in October of 1958 was possibly the nose of a much larger craft.

What appeared to me like a large, orange craft, had possibly just been the tip of the iceberg of a much larger, huge, gray, silent piece of engineered metal.

Either way, it was big, fast and silent.

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