2 Long Objects

2 Long Objects

Date: November 25, 1981

Location: Stowe, VT

I was working at a resort as the maintenence manager.

During the winter my family and I would sometimes stay in a vacant 3 bedroom condo at the resort.

It had been snowing a couple of days and it was one of my jobs to keep the road and parking lot clear of snow.

My wife's Godmother and family was visiting from New York City and we were going to have Thinksgiving at the resort.

The night before Thanksgiving I was plowing snow so guests could make it up the steep mt road to the resort.

My Grand Uncle was with me in the truck. As we were heading down the mountain the truck suddenly shut off.

We had no lights or power at all. So we got out of the truck and started back up the mountain to the resort. Just as we started to walk up the mountain we saw lights that looked like a large lowing flying airplane.

It was so low we could see the wimdows and what looked like people looking out. Right behind it was another one. My first thought was two airplanes were in trouble.

I remember them being very long with maybe 12 windows. But I did not see wings. There was no sound and the air seemed to have electricity in it. There is a small airport near Stowe, but it could not handle anything that big I was thinking.

After the objects were no longer in sight we continuied to walk up the hill to the resort. Before arriving, we met my boss driving who came looking for us.

We drove back to where we left the truck and found it with the lights on and the truck started up. I told my boss what had happened but I don't know if he belived me or not so I didn't talk about it again.

We did tell our family but did not get to much in to it until I started to here other stories years later that sounded like mine.

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