Object Was A Bright Light

Object Was A Bright Light

Date: July 21, 1972

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, England

The object was a bright light darting around a small patch of sky with very precise manouvers.

Myself and a close, now deaceased, freind decided we wouldn't go to our own homes because it was a warm summer night, we would sleep out on forest park, a local beauty spot, we were lying down on the top of a hill just talking and looking at the sky when we noticed a small light high up in the sky.

We determined that it was not a plane or helicopter as its flight path was so eratic.the object was directly overhead,darting in all directions, but each time returning to its original position.

It made no sound and contiued to move around for about 30 minutes.

Its manouvers were incredibly fast and sharp, eventually it shot of at an angle and simply faded out of sight.

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