Stockton On Tees Sighting

Stockton On Tees Sighting

Date: 1996

Location: Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

The sighting was like no other typical UFO sighting as it was moving slowly, it was low to the ground and very visible to the eye, however the most obscure thing about it was the shape.

I saw this many years ago and I occasionally think back to that day. At the time I was young and didnít bother finding out more about what I saw.

It had appeared when I was at school during an R.E lesson. It was almost like slow motion as it passed the window! I made a fuss about what I saw and the only attention I got was a telling off by my teacher.

A girl saw what I saw but she didnít seem to care. Very frustrating. Everyone I told didnít seem to care so I carried on with my life. Any whooo only recently I decided to look in to it, I only hope there is an answer out there explaining what I saw.

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