Extremely Bright Red Oval

Extremely Bright Red Oval

Date: July 1, 1954

Location: Lambert Field, St. Louis, MO

I am fairly certain of the year of the incident, although I am guessing at the month.

Even though I believe the incident occurred during the hot part of the summer.

I remember the year, because I was sitting in the passenger seat of our family car, a 1953 Studebaker.

I was 6 years old at the time of the sighting.

My mother, my older brother, 10 years old, and I were attending a movie at the Airway drive in theatre, situated on the southwest edge of the St. Louis airport, Lambert Field.

The theatre used to be located South of the main East/West runway, directly across the airport from McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, approximately where the Missouri Air National Guard building currently sits today.

As the 3 of us were watching the movie, it came to our attention that some kind of disturbance had begun to brew at the theatre.

We didn't know what was taking place, but I seem to recall we could hear people shouting.

I remember looking around to my right side to look at the concession stand, located toward the center rear part of the parking spaces, but could see nothing that appeared unusual.

At about the time I looked back toward the screen, people started walking in front of our car, and they were looking, and perhaps pointing, up to our right.

I looked out the right passengers window, and immediately witnessed a generally oval shape, extremely brightly luminous, red object hovering virtually motionless in the sky.

I vaguely recall that the object may have been casting a faint red light over the theatre and surrounding area.

The object's apparent size, from my vantage point, was approximately from 50% to 100% the diameter of the Moon, and its long axis appeared to be horizontally oriented.

The object appeared to be moving generally to the North, but almost imperceptibly slowly, perhaps even not at all.

It gave the appearance of simply hovering motionless in the sky.

Then the object accelerated to the North, perhaps passing directly over the airport, and disappeared within 2 or 3 seconds over the horizon to the North.

The object covered approximately 90° of arc, viewed from my vantage point on the ground, in that amount of time, and appeared to fly in a somewhat straight line, perhaps with slight deviation from a perfectly straight line course.

I seem to recall that my father may have viewed the event from the control tower, which prior to June 30, 1956, was located on the North side of the airport.

Whenever my family gets together, we always talk about that event.

Our minds seem drawn to it.

My brother, now a physician, remembers it very clearly, as does my mother.

That object was bizarre.

As mentioned before, I am now Director of the National UFO Reporting Center.

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