Commercial Pilot Observes UFO

Commercial Pilot Observes UFO

Date: August 11 1947

Location: St. Louis, MO

The witness was a veteran commercial pilot who later became an A&E mechanic with aviation inspection authorization.

He was seeing some dark specks growing in the sky going South and North in vertical V formation with one on a point and the others stepped above and below in trail.

The location of the sighting was the outskirts of St. Louis, during softball game.

The objects were soon discerned as disk shaped, 9 in number, approaching at some 25,000' feet' and doing about 1,000 mph in the cloudless, cobalt blue heavens.

At arm's length the disks appeared to be the size of grape.

Dark on one side and light colored on the other, the objects flipped in unison every 2 seconds.

Both teams and some 25 spectators watched with great interest.

The ballplayers were an excellent collection of witnesses with one team consisting entirely of aircraft ground instructors and the other team made up of pilot and aircraft mechanic students.

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