Craft Came Out Of Ground

Craft Came Out Of Ground

Date: July 1,1960

Location: Stevens, MN

This aircraft we witnessed in the early 1960s was an aircraft that came out of the ground.

I can show anyone where it came out.

We worked at a farmer's land out in the country way before this craft came out in the 1970.

Yes, I strongly believe that there is another hidden base we don't know about hidden 40 miles from the Canadian boarder.

The owner we worked for back then name was Carl Carson.

We lived in a little house behind his home.

Yes sir I would be willing to take a lie detector test.

Another time was in Denver, CO in 1985, I lived in the outskirts of Denver.

I used to enjoy looking at the stars, one night I saw a star go from East to West stop then flash off to the right quicker then you can blink an eye.

In 2000 I owned a home in Waxahachie, TX in the country.

My wife & I saw a bright light flash with no sound, fly off with no sound going from South to North toward Dallas.

We could see other planes with blinking lights, small planes and airliners flying at normal plane speed.

But this one was going 10 times as fast.

I know what we saw and I stand my ground.

I have never known how to tell anyone about this.

Yes I strongly believe the government knows more the what they are saying.

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