Beautiful Saucer Shaped Object Appeared

Beautiful Saucer Shaped Object Appeared

Date: August 25, 1949

Location: Steilacoom, WA

As a girl of about 9 and my sister who was 8 and our father were down at the water, at dusk sitting and looking out, all alone.

Just about dark when this beautiful saucer shaped object appeared out over the water, which seemed so close to us.

It made a humming sound and had beautiful lights all around it.

It seemed so long it stayed there, but I do believe it was maybe 10 minutes.

My father was alarmed and grabbed my sister and I and we went up to the road above the water and got into our car.

As my father was leaving he went up past a paper mill and pretty deserted road, and it followed us up the road.

As my father kept driving it followed us for sometime.

Being young I can't remember exact time that followed.

I do know that I was not scared and knew it was nothing to be scared of.

Its beauty with the lights hovering over us made me feel warm inside like a safe thing.

So many many years ago and yet I do wonder why nothing more has been done about all of the sightings.

I felt so good to be able to have been a witness to this.

Of course as a child it appeared very large and beautiful.

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