Terrace UFO Sighting

Terrace UFO Sighting

Date: May 17

Location: Stamford, CT

I live on the 15th floor and went out on my terrace to look at the Moon.

I noticed a flashing, bright light in the sky, I thought it was a star at first, but noticed it was too big.

It was prominent, and it was as bright as the Moon's light.

I took 2 photos before zooming in on it with my cell phone, but I did not realize that my video was not on.

When I zoomed in on the image, I saw a grainy ball that got big and small.

Its colors were a little scary to me because there was a dark brown color in it, it looked creepy.

The object was in my line of vision without having to look up.

Then I saw in the camera it flew upwards and diagonally at a fast pace.

It flew toward my building, but extremely high in the sky.

It would look like a star if anyone on the ground looked at the sky.

Then, it flew laterally directly above my terrace, but still high up in the sky.

The lateral movement was much slower.

It was an hour later that it was directly above my building.

It was too close to my apartment, I got nervous and went inside.

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