Pinkish Color Cylinder

Pinkish Color Cylinder

Date: June 1, 1954

Location: Rural Area Near Springfield, IL

This happened many years ago when I was a child.

An object, 3' long, crystal type cylinder, pinkish color came in fast from the East and hovered over me for 5 or 10 minutes.

A light glowed over me.

I'm trying to find out if anyone else has ever seen an object of this shape and color.

I was playing in back yard when the object came in and hovered over me 15' up.

It was small, pulsing shades of pink and sort of cylinder shaped, but more like a crystal, some areas clear.

At first I was startled and afraid, but then a pinkish light came over me and I didn't feel afraid any more.

I remember a humming sound.

My mother was also outside using the outhouse, we lived on a farm in rural central IL.

She came up to me later after the object had quickly flown out of sight.

I was very excited and asked her if she had seen the pretty pink light.

She said no, and thought I was playing a game.

This has bugged me for years, I know what I saw.

I have only told a few of my friends who I trust, but they said I was very young, so probably didn't happen, they are non believers.

I was 4, not in kindergarten yet, we didn't even have a TV then.

All the pictures I have seen of UFOs do not look anything like what I saw.

Do you know anyone who has seen something similar?

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