Strange Lights To The West

Strange Lights To The West

Date: July 15, 1960

Location: Springdale/Fayetteville, AZ

Just about 5 miles southeast of Springdale, there is an old church or school house called Fishback.

One summer night a couple of friends and myself were attending a get together of local singers and guitar players in that old building.

Instantly, a couple of guys came in and said that there were some strange lights to the West.

We all trooped outside and sure enough, there over Springdale was a huge formation of red lights forming a geometric pattern.

These lights seemed to be going in and out of each other in triangular patterns.

We jumped into my car and sped northwest toward Springdale to get a closer look.

After traveling about a ¼ mile down the road we noticed that the lights were now moving slowly south toward Fayetteville.

I pulled over to turn my car around and got stuck in the ditch.

So we watched as this strange procession slowly disappeared in the haze of Fayetteville's lights.

I was about 16 and this is one of 2 sightings I had in Arkansas, I will relate my other sighting over Marble AR. another Day.

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