Sighting Off Coast Of Maine

Sighting Off Coast Of Maine

Date: July 1, 1946

Location: South Portland, ME

It was the first summer following World War II when my husband and I were having lunch.

As we sat outdoors beside our home, facing northeast, on a cliff overlooking the shipping channel, less than a mile north directly up the coastline from the mega landmark lighthouse called Portland Head Light, ME, on the Atlantic Ocean, Portland Head Light is technically geographically located in Cape Elizabeth, ME, about 3 miles outside of the city itself of Portland, ME.

I felt the pull of an energy upon me, and felt as if I were being observed.

In response to that energy pull and the definite feeling that I was being watched, I looked up at the clear blue summer sky high over the ocean water beyond.

There I saw an unknown object in the sky, a dark long oval shape, motionless when I spotted it.

Which, the instant I focused back at it, as it seemed to be observing me.

The object accelerated so fast straight upward that I never was able to hold it in my vision to return its gaze, and then it seemed to disappear.

I felt at the time, and still do now, that this was a flying saucer, a UFO.

And have never forgotten the incident, though I had no official to whom to report it.

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