Ghost Road Of Scugog Island

Ghost Road Of Scugog Island

Date: 1968

Location: Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

This legend goes that in or around 1968, a young man was testing the limits of a motorcycle on an old concession road on Scugog Island. He was on a straightaway pushing the engine as fast as he could. The road is not too long and he soon realized he was running out of road and heading far too fast for the spot where the road meets with the 9th Concession. About 330' from the south end near a large tree, he lost control, plowed into a field, caught himself on an old rusty barbed wire fence and was decapitated.

An alternate version is that he simply banged his head on a rock still located on the road, and met his end that way.

It is this story that goes along with the report of the large round white light heading down the road that when it passes you, turns into a small red light. There are also occasional reports of the sounds of a motorcycle to accompany the light. The light, as examined by several Toronto ghosts researchers, actually does exist but does not, as stated, travel down the road. It appears above the road and only if facing south. The image has been caught on film but the pictures belay the fact that the light ain't much to look at. It appears as if it was a small plane some miles in the distance but hovering.

Even more intriguing is several people who have investigated the haunting have not been able to find any reports of the death of the motorcyclist in any of the local newspapers of the approximate time of the accident. This has been added to by one group we work closely with getting threatening e-mails from a person related to this possibly nonexistent motorcyclist threatening his return to haunt the researchers delving into the lights on ghost road should they not stop. Luckily, this threat went unabated and the researchers did some excellent work.

But there are some observations that do not support the theory of a ghostly motorcyclist. First, remember the area was known for Devil Lights as long ago as the 1850's. No cars or motorcyclists existed back then. The light itself is pure white and does not throw a beam. No matter what the weather, fog, rain or snow, the mysterious light appears in the same spot and at the same time. It also has been noticed that it is visible from the north. A photograph of the light that appeared in the Oshawa Times in the summer of 1982 showed what looked amazing like a small perfect white hole.

Another photo that was taken appears to show a blob oflight that vaguely resembled a human.

There have been many attempts to explain the light such as that of cars on nearby roads, or that of a ghost on a phantom motorcycle but the Scugog Light remains a mystery.

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