Anson Light

Anson Light

Location: Anson, TX

Anson, the county seat of Jones County, is at the intersection of U.S. highways 83/277 and 180 at the center of the county.

The spook light that appears in the rolling hills of West Texas have been seen by curious college students for years.

Several legends have been told by locals, one of which is that the light is caused by the specter of a woman looking for her long lost son.

The light appears near the Anson Cemetery at the junction of 2 dirt roads.

Before you head out there be sure and tell the Jones County Sheriff department that you plan to check out Anson Light. The deputies will ask you to move along if they catch you parked on the dirt road. The same holds true for many spook lights.

Many have tried to debunk or explain the light, without much luck.

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