Cloverdale Light

Cloverdale Light

First Observed: 1970s

Location: Cloverdale, AL

Near Cloverdale, Alabama there is an area where large yellowish orange spook lights can be seen on an almost routine basis. They have been seen in this area since the early 1970s by hundreds. These lights are large, about 8' in diameter, and some have been seen to float 2' to 3' from the ground in grassy fields, and others are seen much higher, several hundreds of feet above the ground. They suddenly appear and disappear and are in sight from a few seconds to several minutes. The area is accessible to the public and they are awesome to watch.

The lights being encountered over County Road 272 every night from sunset to midnight travelling east to west or west to east paralleling the road. Appearing and disappearing from a few seconds to several minutes. No one has an explanation for the phenomena.

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