Flame In The Sky

Flame In The Sky

Date: Multiple, 1904 & 1905

Location: Egryn, Wales

December 22, 1904, 3 observers saw a large light about half way from the Earth to the sky, on the South side of Capel Egryn, and in the middle of it, something like a bottle or black person, also some little lights scattering around the large light in many colors.

January 2, 1905, hovering above a certain farmhouse, it appeared to me as 3 lamps about 10' apart.

Very brilliant and dazzling, moving and jumping like a sea wave under the influence of the Sun on a very hot day.

The light continued so for 10 minutes.

All my family saw it the same time.

Early January, between 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.:

I saw 2 very bright lights, about ½ a mile away, one a big white light, the other smaller and red in color.

The latter flashed backwards and forwards, and finally seemed in the same place again, but a few minutes after, we saw another light which seemed to be a few yards above the ground.

It now looked like one big flame, and all around it seemed like one big glare of light.

It flamed up and went out alternately for about 10 minutes.

On February 23, 1905, the Advertiser took note of a recent report by 2 men, one a prominent farmer, of a Flame In The Sky rising over a hedgerow.

Then a ball of fire appeared above and a long ray of light pierced the figure, which vanished.

In the midst of all of this, Mrs. Jones and some of her followers were also encountering Christ & angels, who would manifest themselves in dreams and visions.

One dark night, as she walked along a country road, Mrs. Jones said she encountered a shadowy figure who turned into a black dog and charged her, only to be dissuaded when she broke into a hymn.

The attacker was, of course, Satan.

These sorts of experiences are invariably personal and subjective and thus susceptible, to those so disposed, to secular psychological explanations.

The lights, on the other hand, remain a mystery nearly a century later.

The appearance of the lights in the context of an evangelical revival may or may not be coincidental.

Certainly it is true, if we look at the broader historical view, that anomalous luminosities are usually observed in a purely secular context.

Still, there are precedents.

During a religious revival in Ireland in 1859, a cloud of fire was seen to descend from the sky and then hover over open air assemblies of the faithful.

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