Encounter That Was Only The Beginning…

Encounter That Was Only The Beginning…

Date: March 1956

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Returning from an evening out, a young Sailor and his date encountered something that would change both their lives.

It was March of 1956, Santa Monica, California.

The couple was driving down the coast highway in Santa Monica to return to his stationed Port Hueneme Naval Base when they noticed 2 young boys on the side of the road, both dressed in proper Naval Uniform.

Concerned, as the hitchhikers appeared to be very young, the witness guessed their age of 14 years or younger, the couple pulled over and offered the boys a ride.

While driving, the witness asked the young sailors where they were headed.

The boys responded that they were on their way to the Coos Head Naval Base in Charleston, Oregon.

At this point, the witness became confused, because he had never heard of the Naval Base, but decided upon no further questions.

When they arrived at a turn off, the sailor stated that his young passengers exited the vehicle and were wished a safe journey.

Continuing their return to port, the couple noticed they were drawing near a large sphere of light hovering close to the center of the road.

The sphere was white, and the couple estimated it to be 15' in size.

As intense as this light was, the pair stated that it did not hurt their eyes to stare directly at it on approach.

As the couple advanced towards the location of this unknown light directly in their path, it simply disappeared stunning both of them.

The couple recalls that as soon as they drove through the previous location of the sphere, they experienced a bone chilling iciness that passed through their bodies.

Unsettled by the feeling, he looked into his review mirror and in shock noticed that the sphere was now behind the vehicle and appeared to be following them as they drove.

At this point, his date was horrified and collapsed to the floor boards of the vehicle screaming.

Equally terrified, the sailor remained driving forward watching this unknown pursuer in the mirror.

As the couple raced through a small gully in the road, they noticed that the unknown light seemed to remain stationary there.

Looking ahead the witness realized that they weren’t the only ones in danger as there was an oncoming car.

Without thought the witness frantically signaled the oncoming driver to pull over flashing his headlights, causing the car to pull off of the road.

With the oncoming car now pulled over the sailor explained that this vehicle was a taxi and as they slowly drove by the car, light illuminated the entire scene and to his shock, the driver appeared relaxed, with his white shirt, resting his arm out the window staring straight ahead, with no inclination of what was happening.

At this point, the confused witness continued down the road, with the sphere of light right behind them once again.

He stated that he started to notice the light becoming smaller and lagging behind the vehicle as he drove.

In the distance, the sailor could see the lights of the oncoming town, internally he thought to himself that if he could just reach the street lights, he and his date would be safe.

Finally reaching the town the sailor noted that the sphere of light abruptly stopped short of the lamps and after hovering for a moment, ascended straight up into the sky at a 45° angle.

Shaken by the situation, he found the first available phone booth and called the police.

After telling them of the recent events, they sent a patrol officer who, with the couple, retraced the steps of the evening.

When the officer phoned dispatch to contact the taxi company involved earlier, he did find that there was a driver in the vicinity at that time, though, shockingly, the driver stated that nothing odd happened that evening and had no recollection of being driven off of the road or any knowledge of the event, leaving the young sailor and his date dumbfounded.

The sailor even reported the incident to his superior officers, who in turn filed a report.

Slightly over a year after the event, incidentally, the sailor was given orders to report to the Coos Head Naval Facility.

Remembering the young boys of that horrifying evening a year earlier, became all too frightening when he arrived at the base, and realized that it was not yet ready for occupancy and he had to stay in a local hotel in Coos Bay, until the construction of the base was completed.

Who did our witness pick up in the car that night?

2 young boys heading to a facility that wasn’t yet in operation?

The sailor continued to have strange occurrences throughout his life, stemming from the close encounter that frightful March night.

Even today he still tries to find answers.

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