Want To Read About Old Sightings?

Want To Read About Old Sightings?

Date: April 30, 1960

Location: South Whitley, IN

This event happened in spring of 1960 I was 6 years old, I lived in South Whitley, IN.

We were going to Ft. Wayne on a Saturday afternoon, Ft. Wayne is 28 miles from South Whitley on Hwy 14.

We left after lunch and there was one car in front of us and one following.

Approximately 4 miles from South Whitley, all 3 cars died and everyone pulled off the road.

As we got out of the car we saw 3 disks hovering over this corn field.

Everyone was amazed as we all watched them just hover.

My guess was that they were 20' above ground and they stayed there for about 5 minutes.

Then they just veered off to the South and rapidly climbed out of sight in seconds.

Everyone was in shock, and the first car owner looked under his hood and found that his battery was completely dry, as was the other 2 cars.

We had to walk almost a mile to a house and call Arnolds gas station to come and put new batteries in the cars.

This incident has been talked about all through my life and is well known in South Whitley.

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