Flying Disk In Hangar

Flying Disk In Hangar

Date: June 15, 1945

Location: South Pacific

This is a story told me by a coworker at boeing in the late 1980s.

He was stationed in the south pacific near the end of WWII, a marine guard at an airfield on a south pacific island.

He was assigned to guard the airfield and one night his commanding officer told him the field lights would go out sometime in the night and when that happened he was to turn his back to one of the hangars, and was not to look, nor turn around until the lights went back on.

As he was told, at some point the field lights went out, only his curiousity overcame him, and he looked toward the hangar, he said he saw the hangar doors open, and a disk fly slowly in.

At that point the hangar doors were closed, and the field lights came back on.

The process was reversed several nights later, the field lights went off, the hangar doors opened, the disk flew off, the field lights came back on, and he never saw it again.

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