Southeastern States All Report UFO

Southeastern States All Report UFO

Date: March 15, 1995

Location: Several Southeastern States

An influx of calls across several states from witnesses, who saw a bright object flying through the night sky.

The first of these so called Ides of March sightings was reported by two men in Florida, who described it as luminous, white, and disk shaped, though subsequent descriptions from others varied.

A Tennessee caller thought it was more of a blue/green cloud of light that emitted sparks before vanishing.

And a Missouri State Highway Patrol sergeant said it was a green light that turned yellow and abruptly snuffed out like a light being switched off.

He also explained that many people called the patrol's 911 dispatch line to report their own sightings, and one person claimed his cell phone and car radio both died when the UFO got close.

Other reports came from Virginia, West Virginia, and Missouri.

In summary, it appears that one or more egg shaped objects, radiating intensely bright green, blue/green, and yellow light, and periodically spewing out a cloud of sparks, streaked over at least 7 states, stopping from time to time, and the whole event occurred in a matter of minutes.

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