Bright, White Soundless Orb

Bright, White Soundless Orb

Date: October 15, 1968

Location: Pacific Ocean

A white circle appeared off starboard bow, resembling a ship's running light.

Distance at sea from a sailboat at night is imperceptible, so fearing collision with a larger ship, I came off the wind to slow speed.

The orb, not as large as the Moon, would appear and shot dead across the dimly lit horizon, toward the starboard quarter in a split second.

There was no trajectory nor trail of flames like a rocket.

It simply passed at an incredible speed.

No one to whom I've spoken had any explanation for this observation.

At the time, my family, 2 crew members & I were enroute to Hawaii from Newport Beach, CA.

It was my shift at the helm, so I was the only person top side.

Would really like to know what type of sighting I witnessed.

No sound was emitted from the bright, white object.

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