Pilot & Squadron See Flying Wing

Pilot & Squadron See Flying Wing

Date: April 1, 1948

Location: About 9 miles Southeast of Sorsogon, Southeast Luzon Island, Philippines

USAF Lieutenant Meyers leading a flight of 4 P-47 fighters of the 67th Fighter Squadron was flying South heading 180° at 1,500' altitude.

When he saw a half Moon shaped flying wing about 30' wide 20' long, with a barely perceptible dorsal fin.

Flying on a North heading 360° at about 1,000' about 3 miles to his East, evidently silhouetted against the surface 9 miles away at a depression angle of about 2°.

He immediately made a 270° left turn to identify the object when it made a 90° left turn, banking evidently, leveled out on a West heading 270°.

Accelerating rapidly to disappearance in 5 secondss, no trail, assuming 10x distance increase to reduce apparent size below visual resolution limit, and constant acceleration, terminal velocity would be about 11 miles per second or 39,000 mph at about 350 G's.

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