We Saw A Man Like Thing

We Saw A Man Like Thing

Date: June 4, 1953

Location: Somewhere In California

What I saw was when I was about 7 years old in 1953.

I was at my grandmas house in the country, and my friend was visiting her grandma next door.

My friend and I went to a clearing under a railroad bridge to play, not to far from my grandma's.

Her & I saw this man like thing laying in the grass.

It was shape like a person, it was wearing a matching jacket and pants.

I remember it looked like some kind of grey leather suede space suit.

The jacket had buckles that went to one side down the front of it, to close the jacket.

It was laying with its arms out to the side and legs straight down.

It had a wood box for a head and no hands.

My friend and I got so scared at this thing, we ran home to my grandma's.

We told my grandma what we had seen, so she drove us back there to show it to her.

When we got there, the thing was gone and the grass was light green where it was laying, you could see the shape of it in the grass.

That scared us even more.

I have had this image in my head of what I saw that day all my life, and I'm 75 years old now.

I just feel like I need to tell someone about it.

I still believe it's not from our Earth, especially in 1953.

When you could see it laying there for a long time, and then we saw it, then it disappeared.

And where we where playing there was no homes or buildings around, no one was around to see me and my friend.

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