No Sound - Very Smooth Movement

No Sound - Very Smooth Movement

Date: June 30, 1959

Location: Philadelphia, PA

I was a young girl, my early teens. I was outdoors on a hot summer night, it was clear.

I can't remeber who got my attention but when I looked up ther was 6 to 8 lights off a distance like an airplane very close. I knew then it wasn't normal.

I called my mother, the sound in my voice brought her fast. At first it looked like airplane lights, but then they separated and changed colors and went back in formation like the airplane lights but only in that shape

I am now 67 years old and I have never since seen anything like it, until one night while looking at TV, the army guy detailed the same thing. It brought back all my memory like yesterday.

I haven't shared this with many people but I got to document this before it's too late. I know what my brothers and mom saw she's no longer with us, but its 3 of us left me being the eldest.

I am telling the truth and I will stand by it and decided to copy and sign my name and let the world know what I saw.

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