Men Terrified By Object Inside A Smoke Ring

Men Terrified By Object Inside A Smoke Ring

Date: March 8, 2006

Location: Omaha, NE

Witness #1: My friend and I saw what we thought was a full moon with a thick dense ring of smoke around the moon, as we watched the ring was pulsing and getting bigger it was like something was in it. We thought it was getting bigger than realized it was coming down. We were engulfed in this fog that seemed to be alive. Then I snapped out of this daze starring back at the moon this all lasted about 5 to 10 minutes. I thought that my friend told me the time and I was blown away! 2 hours had passed.

Witness #2: The sky was clear with a 5 to 10 MPH breeze. My best friend also witnessed it. It happened in town and the weird thing is my friend said when he walked out side his fence to garage the whole thing disappeared, but when he came back inside the fence it was there again. His girl friend was awaken by hearing us screaming and yelling, which I don't remember us doing then she said she just went back to sleep. Normally she would have been right up. After I snapped out of this daze. I went right inside my buddy said he fell down disoriented. I felt motion sick, & had a headache for 3 weeks. We talked about getting hypnotized but were chicken I guess.

Investigators Notes: The witness has been very responsive to my inquiries. He asked me about hypnosis. Given that fact I am doubtful that this case is a hoax. It certainly is a strange case and involves missing time as well as temporary physical effects. I have no explanation for what the witnesses encountered.

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