Craft Leaves At Amazing Speed

Craft Leaves At Amazing Speed

Date: June 30, 1967

Location: Slidell, LA

I was a young lad who went outside to feed the dog in the back yard. While walking back to the house, I gazed at the sky and saw these rotating colorful lights on some object.

It was so amazing because I had no idea what it could have been, especially being so young and unaware of UFO's. I watched it move swiftly from side to side, then all of a sudden it just took off at an amazing speed until I could not see it any longer. It moved so fast, it appeared to just vanish in a few seconds.

I reported this to my siblings immediately when returning inside the house. I have often shared this sighting throughout my life. It is something I can never forget. After reading of these other sighting from others, there is so much parallism.

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