Mass Sighting Of A Sky Saucer

Mass Sighting Of A Sky Saucer

Date: October 1, 1955

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hundreds of people reported seeing a flying saucer over Melbourne late last night. Home going theatre crowds stopped and gaped as the saucer drifted slowly down and across busy Collins St., towards Victoria Dock.

Switchboards of The Argus newspaper office, the police, airlines, and the Weather Bureau were jammed as inquiries come in about a huge object in the sky.

Later a startled motorist told of a huge black saucer, 30' across, with lights from underneath. It rose up from a paddock on the Geelong rd., and soared over some trees towards Laverton.

I was just passing new bridge work, 16 miles from Melbourne, on my way from Geelong, when I saw it, adding that the weird, low flying object was almost an exact replica of overseas saucer pictures.

Late last night Trans Australia Airlines and All Nippon Airways issued a special alert to all inbound, and outbound planes to keep a close watch for the saucer in a bid to track it down.

Many observers said the saucer was surmounted by a cabin with lighted portholes, and had four landing knobs underneath.

From Collins St., Mr. Frank Hoath of Glenhuntly rd, Elwood, rang to say: Iíve just seen a flying saucer going diagonally south and west over Collins st., below the clouds.

Mr. Alec Hume, taxi driver, of Barkly st., St Kllda.: I just dropped a fare in Smith st.. at Collingwood, when he said, Can you see that? and pointed to a dark, circular thing moving over the Exhibition dome. It was like a cone with a light inside it. I was frightened until it went out of sight.

Mr I. Crawford, of Edwards st.. Kew. stated: I was on a training run in the Reservoir paddock off Cotham rd when I saw the saucer at 10:55 p.m., It came from a quarter way up the horizon and swept right over my head, a flat disk with a cabin on top, silhouetted against the sky.

Mr. Peter Reilly, of Disraeli st.. Kew, said: It was low, below the clouds, and drifting slowly west. Iíve never seen anything like it before.

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