It Wasn't Any Satellite

It Wasn't Any Satellite

Date: December 31, 1956

Location: Skippack, PA

Out walking my dog at 5:45 a.m., still dark.

sky was clear and Moon was full and low in the West.

Looked up in southwest sky, saw what appeared at first to be a satellite, but then realized it was too large and moving to fast to be a satellite.

It was a solid light that did not blink.

Then saw another one following the first, and another, until there were 10 of these lights moving in a near perfect straight line.

The distance between them was nearly uniform and enough to appear as though they were separate objects.

They moved steadily and quickly across the sky from near due southwest to due northeast.

Halfway through the sky 2 or 3 of them appeared to fade away.

The elapsed time of the event was at most 1 minute, maybe a little less.

They moved from horizon to horizon in that amount of time.

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