Barhöfft UFO Battle

Barhöfft UFO Battle

Date: April 8, 1665

Location: Barhöfft, Germany

Fishermen anchored near Barhöfft, then in Sweden, now in Germany, reported seeing objects in the sky battling each other.

After the battle, a dark object hovered in the sky.

After a while out of the sky came a flat round form, like a plate, looking like the big hat of a man.

Its color was that of the darkening Moon, and it hovered right over the Church of St. Nicolai.

There it remained stationary until the evening.

The fishermen, worried to death, didn’t want to look further at the spectacle and buried their faces in their hands.

On the following days, they fell sick with trembling all over and pain in head and limbs.

Many scholarly people thought a lot about that, wrote Erasmus Francisci in 1689 in his book titled:

Der wunder-reiche Ueberzug unserer Nider-Welt/Oder Erd-umgebende, translated to: The wondrous overlay of our Nider-world.

Francisci had gathered news reports from 1665 related to the event.

The scholarly people, who considered the event and the illness could not discern the causes.

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