5 Naked Men Dancing

5 Naked Men Dancing

Date: October 17, 1660

Location: Shenley, Hertfordshire, England

5 exceedingly bright and glorious naked men were seen in the evening sky at Shenley in Hertfordshire according to Mirabilis Annus.

A scholar named Allen, of Magdalen College in Oxford, who was in bed, heard a noise like the sound of geese. He got up and looked out of a window on the side of a bridge, but saw nothing.

As he went back to bed he saw a strange man at the door, apparently dressed as a bishop. At first he was not much affrighted, but called to it and abjured it to speak.

The Bishop immediately rose up and approached towards his bed, at which the young man was exceedingly terrified, and crying out murder, murder, it vanished.

He since says that he saw and heard something which he will reveal to noone.

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