UFOs Spotted Coming From Behind The Moon

UFOs Spotted Coming From Behind The Moon

Date: April 1, 1961

Location: Shenandoah, PA

I am not sure of the year, between 1960 and 1963, the date was April 1st, time about 8:00 p.m.

The Moon was full or close to being full and was in the northwest sky, it was a clear night.

Myself & 2 friends were sitting on our porch just talking the way preteens do, I think we were discussing baseball.

One of us, and I do not remember who, it could have been me I am not sure, yelled out what are they?

And pointed to the Moon.

3 small bright dots were flying East in an upside down V formation.

They came from behind the Moon and traveled at a slow speed eastward when the one on the bottom right of the upside down V broke formation and flew back and disappeared behind the Moon.

We watched the other 2 fly East and out of sight.

I remember saying that we should tell someone, probably our parents, what we saw.

But decided against it because the date was April 1st and we thought and knew that if we told anyone they would think it was just an April fools joke.

Remember back in the early 1960s if you said you saw a UFO, then called flying saucers, people thought you were nuts and we also had our young age going against us?

To give some perspective of how this looked to us, see the Moon about the size of a quarter and the lights about the size of a small pea.

I testify that what I said here is true and that what we saw was not in our atmosphere but had to be in space because of the one light disappearing behind the Moon.

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