Early Alien Encounter, Near Abduction

Early Alien Encounter, Near Abduction

Date: November 25, 1896

Location: Lodi, CA

Colonel H.G. Shaw, along with his friend Camille Spooner, had a close encounter with previously unknown entities, traveling with their UFO in 1896.

Shaw was in charge of putting together an exhibition to be displayed at a Fair in Fresno. Shaw & Camille were traveling by horse and carriage in route to Stockton, when their horse froze with fright. To the two men's shock, they saw the cause of the horse's actions, three tall human like beings with small delicate hands at the end of their spindly arms stood by the road. They had no hair on their heads, but a soft, light fuzz over their bodies. Large eyes made their small mouths and ears appear even smaller. The two men would later tell authorities that the beings had a "strange" type of beauty to them.

All of the beings carried with them a bag of some kind with a hose which they often stuck in their mouths, obviously to breath with. Although there was still some daytime left, the beings also carried with them egg shaped lamps which glowed. This glow would later illuminate a waiting spaceship.

As the men watched the aliens, the beings were communicating with each other by a type of chant, as no English words were heard by Shaw or Spooner. The men would tell authorities that the entities made an attempt to abduct them, but that the large difference in mass between the human and alien body thwarted the effort.

Soon, the three entities made a move toward a nearby bridge. Using their other worldly lamps, the aliens lit up the bridge, showing a nearby craft. The craft was of a cigar shape, and it hovered quietly over the water. The entities seemed to be almost lighter than air as they moved toward their craft. It seemed that they would almost leave the ground as they walked on the earth.

The beings entered the hovering craft in a most unconventional way also. They sprung up from the ground and above their craft, and then floated down into the craft through an unseen entry. Soon, the object flew away. Shaw later told investigators that, in his opinion, the craft had come from Mars, a common theory for the time.

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