Army Vet Spots Rapidly Moving Spherical Object

Army Vet Spots Rapidly Moving Spherical Object

Date: June 23, 2005

Location: Sharpstown, TX

I live in Sharpstown, a residential community located in the southwestern side of Houston, TX. On Thursday, June 23rd 2005 at approximately 6:45 p.m., I noticed a very bright object in the southern sky traveling NNW at a very high rate of speed. I normally do not look up at the sky, but I happen to be watching a cardinal perched on a telephone wire in my backyard. I was wading in my swimming pool at the time and as I watched this bird, I noticed a very tiny, round, ball shaped object that looked like a typical star in illumination, but not as distinct because it was still daylight. The object was very tiny to the naked eye, no larger than the head of a shirt pin. Owing to its size, I presumed the object to be flying at a very high altitude, much higher than typical passenger jets that fly at 35,000'. The speed of the object I judged to be three to four times faster than passenger jets flying at this altitude. Usually when a passenger jet flies overhead at 35,000' or more, you can watch them for a couple of minutes before they move out of your visual range. In the first twenty seconds I watched this object I presumed it would move out of my visual range in less than one minute. At thirty seconds it changed to a westerly directions, still maintaining its velocity and illumination.

I lost sight of the object after 50 seconds as it faded into the brightness of the sun in the western sky. I experienced a similar event in 1965 when I saw a similar object while living in the City of Orange, near Santa Ana in Southern California. This event was reported in "The Register" newspaper. At the time, my father, a West Point graduate, was a lead aerospace engineer at North American working on Gemini space vehicle projects for NASA.

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