A Dashing Shadow

A Dashing Shadow

When I was younger I lived in a ranch style home with my mom and grandma.

My mom and I had chose to have our rooms in the basement, her's in the back corner bedroom of the basement and mine in a sectioned off area of the main living room/recreational area.

Her bedroom was connected both to her bathroom and the main living area, the bathroom door being in her room and the door leading to the living area being catty corner with a door that lead to her bathroom from the main living area.

One night in particular I remember playing with my legos, I was probably 9 or 10, when I happened to look up at my mom's bedroom door. As I looked through that door it became more and more apparent that there was something there.

It had no facial features and was nothing more than the silhouette of a small person with really swooshy hair.

After about a minute of looking at this shadow, it dashed into the bathroom via the door directly connecting the bathroom and bedroom.

In disbelief I continued playing with my legos, when I felt something staring at me. As I looked up I couldn't believe my eyes, the same shadow was now standing directly in the bathroom doorway.

Now I know it had no face, much less eyes, but it was staring, watching, perhaps even waiting. It almost immediately sprinted into my mom's room, at which point I sprinted up the stairs tears of fear running down my face.

After that incident I could never be alone in that basement at night, and my bedroom was moved to one of the spare rooms upstairs. I wish I could say that was the last of my experiences, but alas it is not. This same shadow person followed me to several different houses, including the one I'm in now.

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