Shadow People Around Me

Shadow People Around Me

Around 5 years ago, I would see those things everywhere, just standing and watching me.

At first, it was just a quick glance at something shadowy moving amongst the palm trees. Then maybe a year later, those things just would appear out of nowhere and would just stare at me.

I would look straight at them and they would be unmoving.

Later they started moving around, moving from behind one tree to the other.

But then one night I woke up in the middle of the night and looked to my door, and there was one just standing in my doorway, watching me.

It was horrifying, but I don't think they would hurt me or anyone else for that matter.

They just seem to be observing, but after I moved, they stopped appearing.

Today, when I found out there are more people who have seen them, I feel more comfortable and I feel that I really did see those things.

I am seeing them again, they still just stand there and observe.

I am less scared but I have tried calling out to them when nobody is around, and they just walk away.

I hope I can find out what they really are. I don't, at all, believe they are demons or angels, and I most certainly don't believe they are aliens or time travelers.

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