Mysterious Shadow People

Mysterious Shadow People

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Have you ever seen a dark shadow out of the corner of your eye and when you looked, there was absolutely nothing?

Many people around the world who have written about something very strange they have seen and that can only be described as:

The shadow people.

These encounters imply an entity or non solid being, just like a shadow. Dark, transparent and fleeting. But what are they really?

Shadow people are a supernatural phenomenon well documented for centuries. Most stories describe them as dark humanoid silhouettes, lacking the mouth or eyes, and certainly frightening aspects.

They are usually described in the form of vapor or distortion. Their movement is often extremely fast and disjointed, they are able to move through the walls.

Those who have witnessed such supernatural entities say that they appear at the edge of their field of vision and that they disintegrate or disappear the moment they feel observed.

However, there are other people who have had encounters with these shadows right in the center of their vision, the apparition appeared very close to them, remained motionless for several seconds before disappearing.

These kinds of encounters are truly threatening and can end up in violent attacks.

But most frightening of all is that in recent years there has been an unusual increase in encounters with the shadow people, giving way to interesting debates between the believers of the paranormal and the scientific community.

What are shadow people and where do they come from?

According to the expert on paranormal phenomena Stephen Wagner, there are several theories to explain the true origin of the shadow people:

Possibly the favorite theory of the experts in the subject, is that shadow people are what we mean by ghosts.

Wagner believes that certain ghostly entities have the ability to adapt a dark and menacing figure. However, unlike the apparitions of ghosts, which are usually a white haze of human appearance, the shadow people are much darker and more in the form of a shadow.

The dark face and a strong sense of negative energy associated with shadow people have led some researchers to speculate that they could be demonic in nature.

Their origin could be the lower astral, entities that feed on negativity. Because in most encounters people were under extreme stress, these entities might have appeared to feed on negative energy.

Other evidence that they could be demonic entities, is that some people have reported seeing the shadow with horns or red eyes. Although the possibility that the astral lows would use the demonic form with the only objective to deceive and to frighten the person, and thus to be able to be feed off the energy of the fear can not be ruled out.

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