Helmut House

Helmut House

Helmut House, was an empty house that you could go into as the door was unlocked and it attracted many seeking to scare their friends.

It was a very strange place, built on an open granite ledge which enclosed the ledge itself.

The door was in the back and didnít look strange at all, except as you walked in someone had placed a small animal skull in cement.

We went with a group of friends, I was the only girl and there was a boy about 14 with us, the boy walked with me behind the guys.

The place was dark and a bit creepy we walked with flash lights and it was built away from any other house.

So, this weird house in the middle of the woods had a true creep factor and the dirt road was not used much so, we parked a bit away from the house.

The house was empty except for maybe a few bits of bedding from a homeless person using it for shelter. The rock ledge was in the middle of the house so, you had to climb down the rock, it was all interesting, but I was bored after an hour and wanted to leave.

We heard noises coming from outside, as we started to walk away, I felt that uneasy feeling of being watched and saw a shadow by the door to the house.

Had we disturbed a homeless person? It was like something from a horror movie. I couldnít wait to leave.

Too many people did just what we did and town had the house torn down someone could get hurt out there. The place was unlike any house I have ever been to and had a worst feeling about being a bit evil. I had a worst feeling there then going to the Lizzy Borden house were murders did happen.

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