A Friendly Shadow Person

A Friendly Shadow Person

One night I was visiting my grandma. She lives in the middle of po-dunk nowhere, here in the deep south.

A little backstory, this year, her husband died, In her bedroom, and her ex-husband also died in the hospital. I was visiting to keep her company and whatnot.

Anyway, we were laying in bed watching The Dead Files on Travel Channel, and Amy Allan is talking about shadow people.

My grandma randomly asks: Whatís a shadow person?

I give her my best explanation, not thinking much of it.

A little while later she reveals to me that for a period of about 2 weeks, very recently, she had a shadow person visit her nightly.

It would lay in the bed with her and talk to her. She said it never felt scary, just kind and comforting.

An everything is going to be Okay type entity.

She did not sense that it was my grandfather or step-grandfather.

Still it freaked me the eff out so I slept in the bed with her that night. In the shadow personís spot!

I wasnít sure what would be worse. Sleeping alone or sleeping where the shadow person sleeps.

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