Childhood Friends

Childhood Friends

When I was a young child, I had 3 imaginary friends. They were shadows on the wall, distinct heads and shoulders for each, but blended into one being past that. I remember many times I'd be laying in my mom's bed and jabbering away at them about lord only knows what while my mom did dishes or made dinner in the kitchen.

I'd see them out of the corner of my eye quite a few times over the years, after I stopped seeing the imaginary friends which occurred when I started first grade.

The last time I know I saw a shadow person for real, and not even out of the corner of my eye but full on right in front of my face was a few years ago. My boyfriend and I were staying at his parents house. It was night time, and they were gone, boyfriend was upstairs and I was on the patio smoking a cigarette. They have a hot tub and the steps for it were right in front of the glass doors leading into the kitchen.

I was sitting on those stairs, and the kitchen light was on, it was a very bright light. And I saw an incredibly tall figure walk from my left to the right, into the kitchen. And it was definitely what you would think a shadow person would look like. Very black. Yet when it went more into the kitchen and where it should have thrown a shadow across the door from being in front of the kitchen light, there was none. And where it walked from, was just a wall, shared by the garage and kitchen.

There were no vehicles in the neighborhood passing by at the time either, nothing at all to play any tricks of light. It left me quite a bit unsettled that night.

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