Cigar Shaped & Gold In Color

Cigar Shaped & Gold In Color

Date: June 6, 1975

Location: Shakhtinsk, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan

It was a very strange object.

It was totally different from anything I saw before and after.

This UFO was not just light it had a form and shape and was made of a gold like metal, probably it was gold.

The shape of this UFO was airship like, cigar shaped, but it had no surface.

It appeared constructed from massive metal rods like a cylindrical cage.

It had a nose and tail.

The nose was like a cone of spikes and these spikes formed the body.

It flew at medium height and not very fast just straight forward.

I heard no sound and did not see any engine, but it had some moving parts.

There were no people on board.

I can't remember more details of this object because I was very young at this time, and had seen it only short time.

The building in front of me had obscured it.

The weather was good on this day.

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