Loud Whistling Sound

Loud Whistling Sound

Date: July - 1939

Location: Serra do Gordo, Brazil

Joao Lucindo a gold prospector had been camping in an isolated area one night when a persistent loud whistling sound awakened him.

The whistling sound was like nothing he had ever heard before. He walked to a nearby ravine to investigate the sound and at first could not see anything.

The strange whistling continued throughout the night without Joao locating its source. Soon he noticed a peculiar light on some nearby woods and armed with a powerful lantern and a rifle he went to investigate.

As he approached the lighted circular area he also felt he was unable to move any further.

He saw 2 very tall man like figures approach, these were at least 6' in height. Both figures wore tight fitting metallic outfits that covered them from their feet to their necks. As a result of the light he could not distinguish their faces clearly, but they appeared to be human in appearance.

The men spoke and told Lucindo to look up, as he did he saw an object hovering above the treetops about 120' away.

The object resembled a metallic revolving disk shaped object. This object was allegedly the source of the mysterious whistling.

As he looked at the object mesmerized, a hatch opened slowly and he saw a very bright interior light.

At this juncture the 2 tall humanoids grabbed Lucindo by his arms and all 3 rose slowly up into the object.

Inside he saw what appeared an immense laboratory. He was given numerous examinations by the humanoids and was told that all this was somehow going to benefit his family.

Soon Lucindo was released and returned to his home near the campsite at around midnight, not able to explain to his family where he had been.

During the night Lucindo had a strange dream where both humanoids told him exactly where to dig for gold the next time he prospected in the mountain.

He did as he had dreamed, or told, and found a rich vein of gold, which did improve his family’s fortunes.

Vicente Lucindo died in 1970 soon after he revealed to investigators about what had transpired decades before.

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