My Brother Saw A Crisp Clear Light

My Brother Saw A Crisp Clear Light

Date: June 30, 1955

Location: Sedgwick, AR

In northeastern Arkansas, my older brother and I saw a light on the ground one night.

My dad was working on the rearend of his '51 Chevy pickup.

It was getting dark and we did not have a working flashlight, so dad strung extension cords together and hooked them to a table lamp.

He placed the lamp under the truck.

Mother called us to supper and we went in and dad turned the lamp off.

After supper, my older brother and I, he was about 15 and I was 10, crawled back under the truck.

The lamp was not on, but it was dark.

Before dad and my other brother came outside, I saw a pure blue light about a 2½" in diameter shine on the ground by the rear driver side wheel and moved toward the front of the truck.

When it got approximately under the driver door it took off fast.

The light was blue and pure.

At the time, I had never heard of or saw something like a laser.

Now I know that the light was crisp and clear, with no diffusion of the light.

I asked my brother if he saw that and he said that he did.

I asked him what it was and he didn't know.

In 2010, he and I were camped out hunting.

He was 70 and I was 65.

I asked him if he remembered the light from that night and he did, but he said that he remembered it as pure crisp red.

Neither of us can explain what it was, but we both agreed that it wasn't a common light.

We were on a 100 acre farm 3 miles from town without any street lights.

The road to our house was a dead-end road.

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