UFO Hovers Over Seattle

UFO Hovers Over Seattle

Date: April 10, 1949

Location: Seattle, WA

I was 7 years old and looking our our window in the University District, in Seattle Washington, and saw something shining.

I yelled to my mother and went on a run to our front porch with my mother right behind me.

She yelled to the neighbors who yelled to more until a crowd of us were glued to the disk in the sky.

It was low for such a craft, our house was on a hill.

It was East of our house, beyond the now existing freeway, and positioned at 11:00 in the sky.

It was standing still, then it would wiggle, at which time the Sun would shimmer off it's silver shape.

This behavior repeated itself in the one spot for many minutes.

It went North in a blink of an eye and was gone, out of sight.

We all were speechless.

I estimate the time as to the big tree on our neighbors yard.

We could see through the branches and the placement of the Sun was southern in mid day.

I have gone back to view this place to be as accurate as my childish memory will allow.

It also was in the Post Intelligencer newspaper the next day.

I have wanted to find a copy of that photo.

We just stared and never thought of a camera when we viewed this silver disk visiting our sky.

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