At First I Thought A Streetlight Had Come On

At First I Thought A Streetlight Had Come On

Date: April 14, 1960

Location: Scottsbluff, NE

The craft appeared out of nowhere while I was gazing at the nearby stars.

At first I thought a streetlight had come on but upon closer inspection it's much too high in the air and appears to be swaying.

It looks like, and is at least 3 times the size of the North star and in the East part of Scottsbluff.

It appears in the sky off to the West.

I checked local air traffic and found there was none.

It's too large and high up to be a drone and is moving too erratically to be a star or a satellite.

And its moving far too slowly to be a comet, asteroid,or meteor.

Not to mention unlike the previous possibilities does not change shape or color, only speed and position.

I'm not entirely sure if its related but our WiFi, that's reliable,has been cutting in and out and is erratically changing signal strength.

I seem to be having problems with the touchscreen on my phone too.

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